Dale Of Norway

Wool sweaters & wool clothes since 1879

Winter 2021 & 2022

01 / 09

Location: Ruka,kuusamo

Been working together with the Norweigian clothing brand Dale Of Norway for two winters in a row. To have a brand/company trust in your vision and creative output means everything.

01 / 07


One of the pathways to a greener future is reducing our personal consumption. A key factor is products with a longer lifespan. From a sustainability perspective, it’s better to use what you already have for a longer time, than constantly buying new products.

In addition, research suggests that buying clothes made of natural fibers is the better choice. Wool is a 100% natural and renewable fiber with quite a few unique properties:

  • Wool can refresh itself simply by hanging in the fresh air. Fewer washing cycles save laundry detergent and energy – and prolong the lifespan of the garment.
  • Wool is washed at lower temperatures or even hand-washed, saving laundry detergent and energy.
  • High-quality wool garments have a longer lifespan than other garments. Research has proved wool garments to be used twice as long as garments made of cotton.